The Integrated Urban Water Model (IUWM)

Project water demands & performs scenario analysis

  • Discover water use of new developments

  • Assess water reuse potential

  • Differentiate indoor from outdoor uses

  • Customize commercial water use calculations

  • Evaluate higher efficiency appliances and technologies

  • Perform scenario analysis

  • Build Python scripts to customize calculations



Joseph (coming mid-2019)


Integrates metered water use data into planning
Provides analytics of water use data
Generates reports to deliver helpful insights rapidly
Streamlines calibration and sensitivity analyses
Streamlines scenario analyses
Supported by Razix





  • Interactive mapping & visualization environment

  • Develop models rapidly within the cloud

  • Platform independent


  • Collect data automatically

  • Calibrate models to metered water use data automatically

  • Leak detection

  • Bill by water budget


How can we use this demand planning software during our planning processes?

  • Project water demands

  • Perform scenario analysis

  • Develop models rapidly within the cloud

  • Understand water use of new types of development and building patterns

  • Assess impact of water reuse and recycling for different purpose

  • Differentiate water use and management of indoor, outdoor, commercial, and residential

  • Evaluate impacts of appliances and other water uses with higher efficiency technologies



What other features of this software will help us in our planning?

  • Build Python scripts to perform custom calculations and integrations

  • Explore models and data within an interactive mapping & visualization environment

  • It doesn’t matter what platform you use, you can run IUWM platform-independently

  • Automate data collection, integration, calibration, and sensitivity