Our Vision

To dream the future of water and meet basic human needs.


Our Mission

To support water planning and management efforts through high-performance software solutions.



Why Us:

  • Streamline land and water planning processes

  • Explore and understand your water use data

  • Save your workflow to reproduce later

  • Host your data and analysis in the cloud

  • Establish rules for reduced tap fees with smart water developments

  • Understand impact of water conservation techniques

  • Boost confidence in demand projections and defer excessive supply investments


Who we are:

Razix is a software startup spinning out of Colorado State University, commercializing advanced software products for planning the future of water.

Razix has the long-term goal to support efforts and projects that improve access to clean water for underprivileged populations throughout the world.

The team at Razix has answered difficult natural resource management questions through computational advancement and state-of-the-art scientific or engineering models.

With expertise in a broad range of decision support systems from Big Data to mapping and visualization, from data analytics to model integration, we at Razix are thrilled to hear how we may support land and water planners globally.



Who we serve:

Cities and utilities planning water resources

Consultants planning for cities or utilities

Developers planning water use and requirements

Interact with developers on tap fees and water dedication requirements

Track water budgets and land covenants


Our Team



Chief Technology Officer

A year after finishing his Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University, André shifted his work to fulfill his passion for applied work in water resources planning and management by starting Razix Solutions. He offers Razix technical expertise in web development and water demand estimation. André has a long-term vision to bring water to the far reaches of the world where access to clean water is limited.


Product Development Manager

Darrell Suer graduated from Colorado State University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration (emphasis Computer Information Systems). After graduation he worked as an IT Systems Analyst, and Senior IT Systems engineer for Progressive Insurance. At Progressive, he supported business critical back end systems, both as a critical response resource and as an engineer of high-availability solutions. Currently, Darrell is completing his MBA, graduating Fall 2019. In his personal life, Darrell is a committed father and husband.